The Study Days are run each year, summer and winter in odd numbered years and summer 2 day events in even numbered years. They are hosted by members of the SMHF and the content of the day is tailored to the needs of the forum based on the evaluations at the end of each study day.

If you would like to host, present or have an idea for a study day please contact the Study Day Coordinator via the contact link on the Core Group page.

We are always in need of venues for the study days so please let us know if you think you can help, you will have the support of the core group to help the day run smoothly.

The study days can consist of external speakers presenting on their area of expertise or members of the forum discussing developments or challenges they have decided to bring to the group. There are workshops, normally based on evaluation requests, at one of the meetings each year, providing a suitable venue can be found. If you know of a speaker relevant to the group please contact the study day coordinator.

Images below kindly provided by Sma’ Shot Photography

May 2018

Presentations - Day 1

  • Finding my feet, Claire Lomas, MBE

  • Why weight training is good for your back, Scott McMurdo, West College Scotland

  • Managing staff health and fitness to reduce MSK injury risk in the

  • Scottish Fire and Rescue Service, Joseph Passant

  • Teaching Strategies, Mia Perry and Catherine Lido, University of Glasgow

Workshops - Day 1

Presentations - Day 2

Workshops - Day 2

  • The 18 30+ club, Keith McMurray, Lisclare

  • Employing practical physical interventions in challenging behaviours, Alan Colquhoun, Emcare

  • Bariatric – why seating matters, Aidan Lafferty, Specialist Seatin

  • Moving and Handling babies and small children and the SMHPS, Sue Hain, Fife Council Child sized mannequin

  • Incident investigations workshop, Maria Dineen, Consequence UK

june 2017


Plenary & Workshops

  • Plenary 1 - Moving & Handling people with dementia and communication skills, Linda Nicholson, Dundee & Angus College

  • Plenary 2 - Research into Single Handed Care, Deborah Harrison, Managing Director, A1 Solutions

  • SMHP review group update - Cameron Raeburn

  • Update on SMHP Babies and Small Child Module - Aimee Gilhooley

  • SMHP Joint Working and good practice - Laura Lapadula

  • Benchmarking Lateral Transfer - Fraser Kinsella (Report 02.08.2018)

  • Emergency Evacuation Techniques - Lynn McCallum

  • 24 Hour Posture Management - Norma Findlay

  • Managing Stress in Healthcare - Martin Davies

  • Single Handed Care - Deborah Harrison

  • Plenary 3 - Litigation - a sign of the times? Norma Shippin