Publications related to Moving and Handling

  • Welsh Manual Handling Passport Scheme version 2.1 Jan 2010

  • National back Exchange (NBE) Moving and Handling in the community and
    Residential Care, 2015

  • NBE Leaflet 003 Jan 2015 ‘Choosing a sling for your hoist’

  • NBE leaflet 004 Jan 2015 ‘Safer use of hoists’

  • Moving and Handling people, An illustrated guide 2013.Clinical skills
    Ltd ISBN 978-0-9565110-1-0

  • Work related Musculoskeletal Disorders(WRMSD’s) Statistics,Great Britain 2015.

  • HSE books Ergonomics & Human Factors at work INDG 90 (rev 3)

  • HSE books Five steps to Risk assessment INDG 163(rev 4) 2014

  • Guide to the Handling of People 6th Edition ‘a systems based approach’ Back care

  • Manual Handling in Health & Social Care, ‘An A-Z of the Law’ by Michael Mandelstam

  • Evidence Based Patient Handling‘Tasks, equipment and interventions’ Hignett et al

NBE Books/Leaflets

  • Standards in Manual Handling

  • Manual Handling of Children

  • Moving & Handling of Plus Size People

  • Safer Moving & Handling in the Perioperative Environment

  • The Safe Handling of a Manual Wheelchair (leaflet)

  • Working at or near floor level (leaflet)

NBE Publications: order on web site

Web based Publications 2014

  • HSE Publication 2014: HSG 220 (2nd Edition) Health & Safety in Care Homes
    ISBN 9780717663682

  • NHS Scotland: NHS Inform self management advice for back pain (Feb 2014)

  • Back problems PDF (559 KB)

  • Back in control PDF (534 KB)

  • This replaces ‘Scottish backs’ as an online resource for self management of back pain

  • Statutory Guidance to accompany the Social Care (self directed support) (Scotland) Act 2013 Website publication date: April 01, 2014, ISBN 9781784123482

  • The guidance covers adults, children, young carers and adult carers.

  • Manual Handling – Does it take Two? (2014) Prism Medical, HFH Consulting and University of Salford ‘Exposing the Myth’

  • A new white paper challenging the perceived necessity for two handlers

  • Care Inspectorate publications 2014

  • The Care Inspectorate are the official body responsible for inspecting standards of care in Scotland and have a number of useful publications on their website including information on quality indicators to be used for evaluating services (Care Inspectorate also known as Social Care & Social Work Improvement Scotland (SCSWIS)

Web based Publications 2012 – 2013