The Scottish Manual handling pasSport SCHEME (smhPS)

This document has been produced to help employers, managers, manual handling practitioners and employees reduce the risk of injury from manual handling, which is still a significant cause of work related ill health and sickness absence in Health Boards and Local Authorities in Scotland.

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An additional module entitled ‘Moving and Handling of Small Children and Babies’ has been developed by a specialist group in conjunction with the Scottish Manual Handling Passport Steering group. Development of this module included wide consultation with people working within the NHS, Local Authorities, voluntary and private organisations. It was presented to the Scottish Manual Handling Forum in June 2017 for information.

This new module will be considered for inclusion as ‘Module G’ when the Passport is next reviewed.

This module is aimed at employees who move and handle children up to approximately 8 years old, with consideration given to their individual height, weight, developmental state & functional movement. The module in its current form can be used to evidence training for this staff group and as such is available below.

Download - Moving & Handling of Small Children and Babies Module Document 

For additional information on this module, please visit Related Resources page on this web site.